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What were you thinking ____________ the CEO?! That's so disrespectful! Anyways, he'll just call back. *

I feel so guilty that I wasn't there with my family during the attack. I'd ____________ to spend some alone time in the plaza before joining them later. If only I'd left with them, maybe I could have protected them. *

I'm sorry if I seem stressed out. I've got this lawsuit ____________ me. *

I think it's time to ____________ my dancing shoes. I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to. *

Could I ask you to ____________ for just a minute? I can't hear you very well, so I'd like to pick up the line in another room. *

She had a dazzling career in law enforcement that spanned 40 years. Now, she's ready to hang up her ____________ and enjoy retired life. *

Could you close the curtains and get me some Alka-Seltzer? We were out drinking all night last night, and I've got a ____________ like you wouldn't believe! *

Jenny and I are ____________ at the marina tomorrow. You should join us! We're going to take some photos in the morning and then grab lunch on the pier. *

It's important that we ____________ in this difficult time. We can't let this tragedy tear us apart. *

I've only been on one roller coaster, and it was terrifying! I can't believe that people put their arms up on those things. I was hanging on for dear ____________! *

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