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It's all right to ____________ when you're single, but if you're thinking of settling down and starting a family, you should find a less dangerous way to make money. *

Winston ____________. Every employee checks in with him twice a day to get their assignments and report their progress. It's a very controlled environment, but they get things done quite efficiently. *

The ____________ is a handle or wheel used for steering a boat or ship. *

It's always ____________ in the weeks leading up to a trial. There's a lot to do in a short span of time, so everyone's got to help. *

We need employees with unflinching loyalty, not people who will ____________ at the first sign of trouble. *

Adrian will serve as your safety net until you've ____________. If you need help with anything, just ask him. *

The difficult part is going to be breaking into the safe. Once we've done that, it's going to be ____________. Everything else will be easy. *

I wish you wouldn't ____________. We're close to a deal, and you're upsetting everyone with your wild accusations. *

With Juan ____________, we're sure to succeed! His leadership style really motivates the whole team. *

I'm ____________! If I invite Abbey to the party, I'm going to be trying to stop her from fighting with Brett all night. If I don't invite her, she's going to think I don't like her. *

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