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Sometimes I fantasize about getting out of the __________, but honestly, I like the city. Deep down, I even like the competition and the back-stabbing and the 14-hour days. It's exciting! *

You can't let this opportunity pass you by just because you're afraid! Are you a __________ or a __________?! *

I __________. I'd love to believe that we're suddenly in the cool crowd, but I think something's up. I'd put money on this whole thing being some terrible prank. *

You expect me to come work for this __________ operation? Please. You guys are just amateurs. *

You __________! I can't believe you told the teacher that I copied Matt's homework! *

You told me that your husband was a __________, but I had no idea how much of one he was! He still has newspapers from the 1970s! *

__________! I can't believe I forgot to give Gerald the cookies I baked for him! *

When I get out of prison, the first thing I'm going to do is to find and kill Billy. I can't believe he __________ to the police! *

I love watching Sherlock Holmes movies! It's thrilling to see Holmes and Moriarty play their game of __________. *

Mice, rats, and squirrels are all __________. *

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