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I'll be surprised if the ambassador keeps his job after that ________ in Zambia last week. He completely humiliated our country! *

He may not be the most faithful man in the world, but you can't deny he's got a certain ________. Even knowing all his faults, I can't help but find him attractive. *

You're not seriously considering encrusting your front door with diamonds, are you? You know that everyone will look at your house and think, "________." *

I've assembled a ________ on the security protocols for the marathon this June. Everything we need to know is in there. *

________, darling! I'll see you tomorrow! *

We're planning a rustic, French-themed picnic this Sunday. We're going to have a ________ with marmalade, and about five different types of cheese! *

One synonym for 'panache' is ________, which means "an ability to do things in an interesting way that shows imagination." *

You may look at Sophie and think she's just a boring old lady, but you should actually talk to her! She was a ________ dancer in Paris during the War! *

That's a great question. This is my first week working here, so I don't know the menu well, but give me a moment and I'll have our ________ come talk to you. He's been here for 15 years. *

You come here and present me with a ________ and expect me to just accept it?! I know I can't do anything to change what's been done, but I am not happy. *

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